Friday, March 18, 2016

Resale Smarter: Rebagg It

I've been talking a lot about purging closets But can I be honest: it is time consuming!

Especially when it comes to bags. I am a bag girl and I can snap an Instagram worthy pic of a purse with no problem. But tomdo it right, it does take A LOT of time: snapping good pictures with good light and a pretty background, uploading to a resale site, filling in all the details, setting a price... and then waiting (and waiting and waiting) for bids (if they ever come! Sometimes, the site is so inundated with good stuff that your listings can get lost in the sauce). Should your bag get purchased, then you are responsible for shipping. Then guess what? If the buyer doesn't like the bag, they can (and will return it) and you've lost a sale and have to list all over again. 

Or worse: you shlep all of your bags to a local consignment that could or could not accept your bag. Should they accept it, you may get 40% of the profit, but likely, you will get much less, and that's only if they sell the bag. (Some consignment shops after some time will keep your items and then you end up with nothing!)

Who has that kind of time? All you wanted to do was to just get rid of bags, make space, and make a little money. 

There really should be a service for this.

One that all you have to do is send them some pictures and they send you a quote. A good quote. Then, they pay for the shipping. And in 2 to 3 days, they send you the cash quoted for your bag. Then you get to make money off your beautiful bag without any of the hassle...

What if I told you there was? Rebagg, does all of that for you. All you have to do is take pics of your preloved purse, and upload them to their site or on their handy app. Then they send you a quote for it. Should you like the quote, they send you a box to ship back to them (totally free). You send them the bag. And in a few days, you've got case. 



On with life. 

The only stipulation? Rebagg is currently only accepting certain brands of bags, all of which are listed on their website. 

So make room in your closet for new lives and make yourself some cash without the hassle. Simply Rebagg it.

Ready to sell on Rebagg? Use referral code thereclaimed and you're on your way!