Thursday, March 10, 2016

Thrifty Thursday: Essential Spring Transition-wear you can find at the Thrift

We are right in the middle of some of the weirdest weather right now. Some of us are experiencing a typical March with high winds and the lowest temperatures while still being considered Spring. Some of us haven't left winter temps and others (like here in Philly) are experiencing almost summer like weather.

Wherever you are in this mixture of confusing temperatures and overlapping seasons, one fact is true: spring is coming. The key to staying comfortable and stylish is in proper layering. A day that may start off as a sweater day could end as a tank top day. Having layers keeps you comfortable no matter what the weather may bring.

This doesn't mean go out an splurge (when has that EVER been advice you would receive from me?). Instead, a quick jaunt to your local thrift may be all you need. Here's what I mean:

Button Downs: 

Local thrifts are inundated with tops like these and this spring, the button down is oversize and well lived in. The thrift offers plenty of these for usually less than a cup of coffee.

In prep for warmer temperatures, women are dumping their knits (most of them barely worn, if at all) at the thrift in the hopes of making room for lighter things. However, since it's early March, many of them are jumping the gun and you can benefit in their haste by snagging some beautiful light cardis that will be perfect with jeans or a springy dress.

Felt Hats:
Anyone who thought this trend was over once fall turned into winter was mistaken. Spring will see these gorgeous floppy toppers resurrected and you can grab up your choice to keep your head warm when temperatures are still low.

Chucks are a spring/summer staple. And there are usually piles of these at the thrift. Grab a gently used pair and pair this pair with a floral dress or your favorite denim.

More time outside and more sun means more shade wearing. You can find great, even designer pairs of tinted frames at the thrift for well below their worth with a ton of life in them.

Scarves not only for keeping your neck cozy but they can also add spice to a blah look. Often times in the spring, all you need is a good scarf and a denim jacket to make it through those chilly mornings. 

General Springwear:
Flouncy dresses, florals, lighter fabrics are trademark of spring wear and your local is chock full of these if you know where to look. Beware! Thrifting becomes addictive and you could leave with your whole spring wardrobe for the price of one department store dress.

Hope this helps keep you informed, comfy and chic. Happy thrifting my friends!