Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Tuesday ShoesDay: Black Mules

(Photo from We Heart It)

For whatever reason, this past fall, the shoe to wear was the Gucci Princetown slipper. And, what looks like you got a squirrel stuck in your mule became the it shoe to have. Since the weather is warming up, I've seen quite a few of these reemerge, and I'm sort of unhappy about it. 

Overpriced and impractical, I simply do not see the appeal of these shoes that has the fashionistas raving (unless it's just for inside your place and not trapesing around the town). Now you guys know I'm all for a fuzzy lined shoe (I own 3 different pairs of Uggs), but this is just too much, too unkempt. I fear for these shoes and the stray puddle or random rainstorm or unforeseen ground gook. 

So my picks for this week? Sleek black mules of the non pricy (and non furry) variety. Spring is a time to shed the fur anyway. Happy ShoesDay beautifuls!

Tuesday ShoesDay: Black Mules