Saturday, March 5, 2016

Why Vintage Fashion kicks Modern Fashion's Butt

(Photos from We Heart It)

Anyone who knows me knows that I love vintage. Like seriously. Of my more luxe pieces, my favorites are the older ones. There is something about holding an older piece, the texture, the weight of it, the life it's lived, the stories it has to tell. 

The reasons behind this admiration are as follows: 

-Vintage items were made with more care: Older items used to be made by craftspeople. These items were not just means to their livelihood, but they were their resume in 3D, a reflection of their passions, and often a reflection of their heritage. Therefore, older items had more care put into them by their makers. And you can feel that love in the piece, whether it is in its assembly, in its detailing, in its quality, the care of the craftsperson is reflected in the quality of the piece.

-Vintage pieces were made with better materials:
Unlike a lot of the synthetic materials we have come to rely upon in our modern era of fast fashion and fading fancies, vintage items were made with "real" materials, mainly because a lot of these synthetic materials were not created. However, my guess is that even if these materials did exist, a lot of the trades people and artisans mentioned above would have probably still wouldn't have chosen to use them, opting for more natural, sturdy, familiar materials as opposed to cheap alternatives.
-The fact that they are vintage shows that they can stand the test of time:
Because vintage pieces were crafted with such love and because they were made with quality, naturally occurring materials, vintage pieces have staying power. Hence why they are vintage. Their staying power is proven by not just what they are made of but how they were made. When things are made well, they last longer.

-Because they are vintage, there isn't much room for repeats:
Often, the older an item is, the more likely it is that it won't be encountered again. You probably won't see the same clip on earrings your grandmother gave you while you're out and about. That's one of the beauties about vintage. Unlike seeing every other girl passing by with the same jacket from Zara or the same jeans from H&M or even the mass production of luxury items (here's looking at you Chanel Boy Bag) there is an exclusivity to vintage. When you find something good, buy it! 

-Vintage pieces have a story:
Older pieces have a story. Whether it's a pair of earrings passed down from a mother to a daughter, a grandfather's watch, or a piece discovered at a resale shop where the story is unknown, each of these items have had a life before coming into your hands. And for me, that notion is romantic and inspiring. It's like being handed something that was designed with care, something labored with deep love, something someone adored and admired, and that heritage is an opportunity we get to partake in as another owner of these well made and well loved pieces.

Vintage is more than owning an older piece for the novelty, it's continuing a story of a piece that may be older that you and honoring that by wearing and caring for that piece well.