Saturday, April 23, 2016

Cool Ways to Personalize Your Bag

(Photos from We Heart It)

If you're anything like me, you have a deep love for your handbag collection. For those designer labels in purse form, you've sacrificed weeks worth of Starbucks, dinners out, and a few Sephora runs to make your dream bag fantasy come true. Now, you've been carrying in for a while, elated at first, only to now discover that you're becoming a little bored with it. 

What do you do? You don't go on the hunt for another dream bag, you're still really in love with this one. 

So, how do you liven up the bag live again? Easy! You customize it.

Now before you go thinking I'm going to have you ripping and snipping apart you're beautiful Louis Vuitton Speedys or Mansur Gavriel buckets, I need you to listen: We aren't going to destroy anything. So don't panic. We are going to be adding to your bag in the easiest, and of course, the most affordable ways possible. For these easy bag upgrades, we will be concentrating on the handles. 

1) Tie a scarf around the handle
Easiest upgrade ever. Simply tie a scarf or a bandana around one of your handles and then the rest of the scarf hang from the side. 

2) Wrap a scarf around the handle
This one is just as easy as the one above. Wrap the scarf around the bag handle repeatedly until the entire handle is covered by the scarf. This gives the illusion that you've changed the bag handles when all you've done is cover them. 
3) Snag a bag charm (or a few)
Again, very simple and very easy. Simply clip on or attach a bag charm. There are so many charms, tassels, and pom poms to choose from based upon your mood and likes. So whether you're in a sophisticated black leather tassel mood or a fun and silly pink pom pom mood, you can capture it easily with a bag charm.

See what I mean. Without any scissors, pins, or patches, we have instantly updated your handbag is super quick and super chic fashion. Scarves can literally be found everywhere, but quality, non kiddy charms can be a little more difficult to find. Here are some cool designer charms to choose from to upgrade your bags.
Designer Bag Charms for Cheap