Tuesday, April 5, 2016

My First Manolos

For readers who have been reading this blog a long time, you guys know that I usually Tuesdays to share with you the latest and greatest in phenomenal footwear.

Today, however, we are taking a minor departure from all of that because I wanted to share my recent major thrifted find. 

I'm loping around my favorite thrift store, honestly not really finding anything I'm in love with. Empty handed but not empty hearted, I head towards the door, passing by a large shoe display case, usually a host for high end shoes (that are usually NOT my size).

On this particular day, I looked at the case, seeing a card with a strange number in it: MY SIZE! 

Behind the card? 

A pair of barely worn Black Satin Manolo Blahnik Mules. 

To say that I snatched them out of the case faster than I could have blinked was an understatement. They were on my feet for a test ride, off my feet, and paid for even faster than that.

This particular pair of Manolos usually would set you back about $400. 

I snagged them for a 10th of the price. 

The moral of this story? Always have your eyes open. Simply being observant when in a thrift store has led to my absolute best finds. Would I have even seen these if I was busy playing on my phone or distracted, I might have missed something great.

I mean, cmon ladies, who doesn't need a gorgeous pair of black pumps?


So keep thrifting and keep your eyes peeled. I guarantee you'll find something great. 

Happy ShoesDay.