Friday, April 29, 2016

Real Vs Deal: Tassel Bag

(Photo from We Heart It)

Is there anything more bohemian chic than a structured bag with free flowing tassels? It's a bag that can go to summery brunches, outside concerts, and day long festivals, giving its carrier a look of liberated sophistication.

The Tassel bag does just that. Chloe's "Hudson" bag captures all of that, but what it isn't is affordable. If $2000 is too steep for you (like me), there are great tasseled alternatives that will keep more money in your bag and will give you the same effect. 

Either way, whether you choose high end or budget friend, you're sure to tassel in style. Happy Friday!
Real Vs Deal: Tassel Bag

Chloé saddle bag
$2,045 -

Red leather purse

Fringe handbag