Thursday, April 7, 2016

Reclaimed Readables, April 7th

Happy Thursday readers and friends! 

Today's Readables feature non dated 90's beauty trends, on trend denim for under $100, standout spring styling made easy, lies med students currently believe about their black patients pain, Shea Moisture points out beauty aisle segregation, 5 chic spring trends for under $100, 5 clever ways to get your butt to the gym, Cosmo's marketing editor's amazing style (and dressing tips), what you should be buying and when to buy it for less, and a hilarious explanation of shrinkage (for those who don't know).

Byrdie: Non dated 90's beauty
WhoWhatWear: 15 pairs of on trend jeans under $100, easy spring styling
Refinery29: Lies still believed about Black patients pain, Shea Moisture talks beauty aisle segregation
BuzzFeed: Hilarious explanation of Shrinkage
Huff Post Style: Chic spring trends for under $100
Man Repeller: 5 clever ways to get to the gym, Cosmo's marketing editor's amazing style, what to buy and when