Saturday, April 30, 2016

Travel Wish List

(Photos from We Heart It)

I have always loved to travel. A pro packer and a lover of cultures, I have already been to most of the countries in the Carribean and a few destinations in Mexico. However, with it being over 5 years since my last adventure, I'm feeling the travel bug once again, and not one that can be satisfied (even though there are so many lovely ones I have yet to travel to) by a trip to another US city.

I feel a longing to simply go somewhere where I get to learn the language, witness the culture, and marvel. With so many beautiful places in the world, how do you narrow it down to a short list?

I didn't, I was very unsuccessful in narrowing it down at all. There is so much to see, and I simply plan to see them all. Instead of narrowing, I chose the top places on my list to share with you.

So, after dusting off my passport, I've decided to make a list of my top destinations. These are places that are not the typical destinations you hear mentioned like Paris, London, Rome, or Milan.

The Goal: To travel to at least one of these places by next summer. Here are the top places on my list.

Jerusalem, Israel
As a Christian and a believer in the Bible, I would love to see the places written about in the Old and New Testaments, and Jerusalem seems like a great place to start. 

Havana, Cuba
Newly opened to the US for travel, Havana is a city of arts and culture, a city seemingly frozen in time. I would love to witness this myself.

Casablanca, Morroco
A city covered intricate art and history, Casablanca seems like an amazing place to take in.

Bali, Indonesia
Inspired by the book and film Eat, Pray, Love, I would love to explore the lovely places in Bali. 

Ankor Wat, Cambodia
Now this may seem strange, but I've always been drawn to ancient places of worship, and Ankor Wat is one of those places I've been drawn to.

Giza, Egypt
I've always been fascinated by Ancient Egyptian culture and history and the Pyramid complex is vital to understanding that culture.

Tulum, Mexico
As you've probably realize by now, ancient cultures greatly excite me and Tulum's deep rooted culture is something I would love to explore. 

Positano, Italy
Coastal cities like Positano have always interested me. Built on high cliffs and looking out to the sea, Positano seems like a wonderful place to visit. 

Mykonos, Greece
Stark white buildings against the blue of the sky and turquoise of the ocean, Mykonos stole my heart years ago and hasn't given it back since. 

Santorini, Greece
Another cliff city of stark white, Santorini is another gem of Greece that I must see for myself. 

Agra, India
India's colorful and flavorful culture is in full bloom in Agra. 

Kyoto, Japan
The ancient capital of Japan, the history of Japan is displayed in no better place than the lovely Kyoto. 

Tokyo, Japan
If Kyoto is the past, Tokyo would display Japan's future. A lively and edgy city, Tokyo displays the best of what cities around the world can be.

Where would you like to travel? Comment below!