Wednesday, June 29, 2016

How to Style Shorts for Work (and 12 pairs under $50)

(Photo from Pinterest)

Shorts are an essential for summer. Whether its a back yard bbq, a pool party, beach trip, or just to run around town, nothing lets it be known that is summer like a great pair of shorts. 

And yet many of us never take them into work. Shorts, unfortunately, have a stigma with them where most women don't think that can make them professional enough for the office.

So, as with most of the problems I face in dressing and styling, I took to Pinterest to find beautiful examples of how to style your shorts for your workday. I've found 9 lovely, ladylike examples to share.  I've broken them down into the type of outfits based on the typical days you experience at the office. Hope this helps!

Monday Morning:
Manic Mondays can be made easy with a polished pair of shorts, like in the outfits above. Pieces like blazers and heels definitely help in the elevation of any short. But the shorts best suited for the beginning of the week are definitely those with a more structure pair of shorts.  

Wednesday Chic:
Midweek heat means fun and festive shorts. Here are pairs of varying, lengths, again in a more structured fabric and cut. These, however, can be put with more fun pieces, like a big necklace or shoulder bearing top, for a more interesting, midweek pick up of a style.

Summer Friday:
Here are more casual looks pared with very work appropriate elements. Yep, even your denim cut offs, when paired with the right pieces, like a blazer or polished heels, can be made desk ready. I would NOT recommend wearing these when heading to an important meeting, but for your typical summer Friday, I say go for it!

Now that we've talked some ways to wear these leg friendly bottoms, its time to go shopping. Here are my top 12 picks for office ready shorts. Super summer friendly, can go from the desk to dinner to drinks with no sweat. And talk about budget friendly, these pairs I've chosen come in at $50 and under. 

Work Ready Shorts under $50

J.Crew short shorts
$48 -

Cotton shorts
$39 -

Penfield shorts
$47 -

MANGO short shorts

Miss Selfridge shorts

Glamorous red shorts
$39 -

Miss Selfridge shorts
$43 -

VILA white shorts
$23 -

Ally Fashion short shorts
$19 -

Glamorous high-waisted shorts
$11 -

New Look summer shorts
$18 -

New Look high-waisted shorts
$14 -