Friday, June 24, 2016

Friday Find: Own Bey's Style Necklace (Without going broke)

Today in the Readables, WhoWhatWear shared (literally) the biggest jewelry trend of the summer. Dylanlex's jewelry, made popular by the infamous Formation video by Beyoncé's super chic styling, are now being worn by celeb and fashion girl alike.

However, that $900 price tag seems a little steep for the rest of us who, yes want to be stylish and love this trend, but who have to pay those things called "bills".

My alternative? Mirina Collections. I've written about them before (and the gorgeous piece they sent me that Im absolutely in love with!) The cool part about Mirina? They make Dylanlex style jewels for a literal fraction of the price. You can even have your own necklace designed if you have your own ideas! And it still won't cost you a rent payment.

Not into the big necklaces? Mirina also has other, more subtle pieces and accessories to cater to your tastes.

My final surprise? Of course, I can't just share a cool brand with you without an awesome discount! Take 20% off of your total Mirina Collections using code whitney20

And don't forget to send your best snaps of your pretty pieces to The best pics will be featured here on the blog and on my Insta!