Saturday, June 25, 2016

14 Pins from Pinterest That Will Make You Love Thick Thighs

I have to admit, me and my thighs have an absolute love/hate relationship. They love me (because, no matter how much walking, running, or swimming, they aint going anywhere) and I used to hate them (chub rub, the death of so may pairs of jeans, and for my friends nicknaming them "french toast"[long story]). For my teens and well into my 20's, I did everything I could to keep them a secret, including wearing jeans, yes, even in the blazing and stubborn heat of the summer.

But something happens to you once you make the cognitive choice to absolutely love yourself, perceived flaws and all.  I made that choice once I turned 30, and I have not turned back. This choice includes my thighs (what I call "the thunder from down under"). And now I actually do really like them. I like the way they complete the hourglass of my body. I like how they are thick and wide. I like that they, along with other parts of me, make me feel so buxom.

So, to share this thigh love, I have compiled this post full of pins courtesy of Pinterest full of thick thigh love in the hopes that those of you who are like me can see them as a more of a blessing... and maybe free yourself of the burden of wearing jeans in the summer. Enjoy