Thursday, June 2, 2016

Reclaimed Readables, June 2nd

Happy Thursday y'all!

Today's Readables feature ways grown women wear their denim minis, what to do with all those bridesmaids dresses, 17 affordable shades, why those outlet stores actually suck, the companies now trying to get natural girls' trust, the cool (and cheap) summer denim trend, why you should be paying attention to South African fashion, and the fashion line stopping human trafficking.

WhoWhatWear: How to wear denim minis like an adult
Refinery29: What to do with old bridesmaids dresses
BuzzFeed: 17 chic/ affordable shades
Racked: Why outlet stores aren't as good as you think, companies want natural girls' trust
Huff Post Style: Affordable denim trend, South African fashion, this fashion line stops trafficking