Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday Find: Shady Sixteen- Shades for $50 and less

Sunglasses are a daily essential in my wardrobe, but in the summer, they become a nessecity. Not merely for function, but also for style, the right shades can elevate a boring outfit or give a sweet outfit the right amount of punch to balance it. 

But good wear for your eyes can cost you an arm and a leg, unless you know where to look. I've found the trendiest pairs for under $50 (most are WAAAAY less). 16 pairs, all to suit your taste whether you're a trend setter or classic seeker, there are a sleek pair of frames for you.

Happy Friday!

Shady Sixteen: Shades for $50 and less

Quay sunglasses
$41 -

Le Specs tortoiseshell glasses
$32 -

Retro sunglasses

Cat eye glasses

Cut out sunglasses

Square glasses

Keyhole glasses

Metal-frame sunglasses