Thursday, July 28, 2016

Obama level shade...


President Obama is known for being a prolific and powerful speaker. He definitely proved that to be true in his latest speech, his last at the Democratic National Convention as President. 

It was powerful.

It was inspiring. 

It was unifying. 

And it was shady.  

At first listen, some of President Obama's quotes may sound like just regular comments about Republican candidate, Donald Trump. But, as you’ve seen in other speeches made by Obamas this week, the shade runs deep. 

Because of their lofty levels of class and composure, if you’re not really paying attention to what they are actually saying, you could miss the subtle, beast mode nature of Obama brand shade. 

My favorite quotes?

"And then there’s Donald Trump. He’s not really a plans guy. Not really a facts guy, either. He calls himself a business guy, which is true, but I have to say, I know plenty of businessmen and women who’ve achieved success without leaving a trail of lawsuits, and unpaid workers, and people feeling like they got cheated."

"Does anyone really believe that a guy who’s spent his 70 years on this Earth showing no regard for working people is suddenly going to be your champion?"

"America is already great. America is already strong. And I promise you, our strength, our greatness, does not depend on Donald Trump."

And of course my favorite quote of the night: "Don't boo. Vote."

Presidential shade that is simply the stuff of legends.

To see the other hilariously shady quotes (and some pretty good GIFs) head on over to BuzzFeed.