Friday, July 29, 2016

Reclaimed Readables, July 29th

Happy Happy FRIDAY loves!

Today's packed out Readables feature the curvy jeans every plus girl will love, an intense testing of makeup brushes, ever Nars lip pencil ranked, the jacket of the season has an interesting backstory, how to be broke and busy AND stylish, fast fashion brands celebs love, beauty trends that used to be crazy but that we now love, and a political "who wore it better" from the National Conventions.

WhoWhatWear: The curvy jeans plus girls have been waiting for
Byrdie: A bunch of makeup brushes were tested to see which was the best
Into The Gloss: NARS lip pencils ranked
Refinery29: The jacket of summer's backstory, broke and busy dressing tips, fast fashion celebs love
The Coveteur: Beauty trends that used to be crazy but are now well loved
The Cut: Who wore it better- Political style