Monday, August 15, 2016

Reclaimed Readables, August 15th

Happy Monday all!

This week's #ManCrushMonday features a good case for white pants, dapper summer business casual look, 5 stylish summer loafers, how to maintain your dapper at the pool, an intense cargo shorts debate, how to not look like a dork in your button down shirt, 25 signs you shouldn't buy the thing you really really want,10 great deals under $75, and the rules of raw denim.

Huff Post: Dressing respectably at the pool, the great cargo short debate, button down styling tips
Dappered: 25 signs you shouldn't buy something, 10 best bets under $75
Menswear Style: Raw denim rules
He Spoke Style: A good case for white chinos, perfect summer loafers, summer casual suit