Monday, September 26, 2016

Dr Mr. Trump; from one of The Blacks

Dear Mr Trump,

I've been listening to you for some time now during this Election Campaign and i just wanted to bring some things to your attention.

I'm sure that you are aware that you have had a lot to say in general. 

But you have had a lot to say about communities, specifically about ethnic communities to which you don't belong. 

You have made it very clear that while you have a lot to say, you really don't know what you're talking about. 

Particularly speaking, when you addressed "The Blacks." (Sidetone, you shouldn't call us that. Not really good for the vote you're "trying" to win.)

But while you prattle off your own insipid and trivial thoughts, you have never even attempted to walked a block, let alone a mile in our shoes.

I'm a business woman, like you're a business man so let's cut the crap and cut to the chase. 

Back people see right through what you're trying to do...

You aren't reaching out to "the blacks" to try to reach us and hear us and help us. This is a thinly veiled ploy to merely look like you care. 

It's not for us.

It's for the unaware White populous. It's to make you look good for them. It's to get their vote. Not ours.

We saw through this ploy when you tried to reach out to our pastor's and leaders. We saw it when you paraded your "boy" Mark Burns, around, who is almost as much of a liar and an opportunist as you are. We weren't falling for it, dude.

We saw it when you started picking on other ethnicities. 

We saw it when you demonized the Latino population with those terrible statements and accusations, calling them "murderers and rapists." 

We saw it with your whole wall proposal.

We saw it when you isolated those who practiced Islam, when you wanted to close the country, our country that is made up of those who want freedom and justice and peace, a country made up of immigrants of every color and creed, to people simply because of their faith.

We saw it when you dare shape your mouth and insult women, women dude, who make up half of the population and most of the voters...that was just stupid by the way. 

We saw you insult a gold star family. 

We saw you make fun of a person with physical challenges. 

We knew, that if you would put your mouth on these groups of people, we knew, as the, no pun intended, unwilling whipping boys and girls for this nation, it wouldn't be too long before that mouth fueled with lies and opinions derived from the media, about the Black Communities.

But, among the many things you were wrong about concerning the Black Community (and you were so wrong about so many) the most prevalent was your discussion of the Black Community being in the worst condition its ever been...

Let me tell you some things about the Black Community that you obviously are not aware of:

No, this isn't the worst it's been for Black Americans in this nation. (There was that whole slavery, reconstruction, Jim Crow, Civil Rights, and government funded drug infusion of the 70's and 80's thingies. And yet, Black American's persevere with the same dynamism and fervor of our ancestors.

According to the 2016 Census, Black Americans are actually doing BETTER than ever before. 

There are more African American's in higher education than ever before. Right now there are about 3 million Black Americans enrolled in a higher education program. 20% of our community has a degree higher than a Bachelor's Degree (virtually none from Trump University, though.)

There are over 2.5 million thriving Black owned businesses. Black Owned businesses make up almost 30% of the total business of Washington DC alone.

We are all not impoverished. In fact, recent polls say that 2/3 of Black Americans identify with middle class or higher (I know this is confusing, as mainstream media has presented images to say otherwise.) and that number is growing.    

Black women make up the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in our nation.

And about 18 Million of us will be voting in this year's election...

18 million who don't take too kindly to a bigoted and bloated racist and morally bankrupt White man who is more apart of the problems than the solutions for our community and this nation, telling us what is wrong with us. Not too kindly at all.

I know you're not really a "facts guy", but that's all I really have for you. Maybe you would be better served by reviewing them. Best of luck (maintaining your inflated ego) in tonight's debate. 

Whitney Alese
(One of "the Blacks")