Thursday, September 1, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Pinned It

I don't know what it is, but I have always loved pins. From my great grandmother's pin I received once she passed to the dope pins I found on the random on Tumblr recently (coincidently pictured here!)

When we were younger, we used to put pins any place  we could to create a cool stand out style. And now, they are back, and funnier than ever. Either vintage and classic, the typical button sayings, or the hilarious enamel buttons out, pins have returned and you should take note.

Pins are cool and fun ways to update a jean jacket, decorate a scarf, or personalize your back pack. No longer the accessory for grandmothers or punk kids (depending upon the pins), these fun, thoughtful, or chic accessories are great ways to pick up on the maximalist trends of fall and personalize your fashion for your mood and style.

Here are my current faves! Enjoy.

Pinned It

Georgia Perry butterfly brooch
$15 -

Big Bud Press pin brooch

Big Bud Press pin brooch

Pin jewelry

Big Bud Press pin brooch

Pin brooch

ADAMJK pin brooch

ADAMJK white jewelry

Annie Free unicorn jewelry

Orange jewelry

Tattoo jewelry
$13 -

Unicorn jewelry