Monday, September 12, 2016

WE Tried It: POLO Ralph Lauren Fragrance for Whitney and Earl

It's been some time since my own Man Crush has made an appearance here on The Reclaimed. It also been some time since I reviewed any products here (sorry loves).

So, to make up for both, Earl and I teamed up with Influenster and POLO Ralph Lauren to review their latest men's fragrance, POLO Blue.

Technically, we didn't try it. Only Earl actually wore POLO Blue. However, I smelled it, so that counts (right?!)

Anywho, time to review:

So Earl, what did you think of POLO Blue?

I would say that POLO Blue definitely has a man's scent. It's not a middle of the road fragrance. 

Sometimes with men's fragrances, they have a lighter scent, allowing for younger men or even women to wear it. Not this one. It's very masculine. It's a grown man's scent. It has a depth to it that makes it a more sophisticated scent. 

It's definitely does not have a cheap scent. I would consider Blue one of the nicer fragrances. While it's a nicer fragrance, I would also say that is versatile. It's an easier fragrance to reach for if you're going to work or going out for the evening. 

It's a great completion piece. It also lasts for about 3-4 hours, enough for an event or well into your lunch break. 
Then again, I don't douse myself with it either. Just a few drops put on around the neck area does the job. 

I would consider it a middle shelf fragrance. Definitely not a cheap one, and certainly not for cologne beginners. But it's a good go-to for daily use. 

I definitely agree with you. POLO Blue certainly has a man smell to it. It's not like typical, mature men's fragrances in that while it's not overpowering, it is strong enough to stand on its own for hours at a time. 

In fact it's quite nice it's actually what I like my guy to smell like. You know how some fragrances don't work well with certain body chemistry. Not so with this one. It has such a clean yet sophisticated scent, I think it could work on anyone. 

Unlike Earl, however, I would say this scent is a top shelf scent. Because of the depth of the fragrance, I would call it a fancier selection that could be reserved for date night or an event. It might be a little too fancy for everyday, but that all depends upon what you're used to. 

It's definitely a style elevator, adding a touch of sophistication and a hint of dapper to whatever look it's added to.

Have you tried POLO Blue? What did you think about it? Leave a comment below!

*This product was complimentarily tested through the INFLUENSTER program.