Monday, October 31, 2016

52% of White Americans Think Blackface is OK (and they it can ruintheir lives and careers in the future)

I know for most of us reading this that you've already celebrated your Halloween festivities over this weekend.

However, as shocking as it may to still have to say this in 2016, it needs to be stated that dressing as an ethnic group is completely inappropriate.

For the startling 52% of white Americans that still erroneously believe that offensive costumes, such as Blackface and Native American headdresses are ok, let me help you out.


It never has been.

And its one of the best ways to show the worst things about yourself.
Here's what your poor choice in Halloween Costumes show about you:

It is the quickest and most effective way to look like an ignorant (at best) or racist (at worst) person. Anyone with any common sense could tell you that dressing in blackface or in indigenous is offensive, tacky, classless, and just plain wrong. If you do it anyway, what does it say about you?

Not only that, it shows a complete lack of creativity. You mean to tell me, that with all of the movie characters, all of the story book characters, all of the imaginary character and hilarious costume ideas, and even some last minute costumes (here's looking at you Cereal Killer or 404 Costume Not Found people) that you had to choose to color your skin, or pick something completely offensive? If that is the case, you are completely basic at Halloween (and probably at life).

Not only that, but the consequences for wearing black face can be severe. Just ask Julianna Hough about that whole "crazy eyes" thing and what it did for her career or for how people actually relate to her for that matter. What about Jason Aldean (and his flippant unapologetic apology) when he dressed up like Lil Wayne and just had to paint himself brown? Think that's not going to stay with him?

Or the 5th grade teacher who didn't think his Kanye West costume would be complete without blackface if that decision won't follow him for the rest of his career. No, he may have not been fired from his current position, but, in our technologically and socially connected society, you can be that this poor decision will follow him from job to job.

What about this sorority girl who also dressed like Lil Wayne who had an entire investigation opened behind her blackface incident? You think her future employer won't simply do a Google search and discover her being foolish and racist for Halloween 2015?

Is that what you want? Or how about this frat boy this year (like today!) being expelled from the college he was attending for dressing up as Bill Cosby. (Note, its not the cheesy sweater or the character he dressed up as. It's the additional step of painting his skin dark.) You don't think thats not going to follow him into his future?

Is it really worth it to be so ignorant? Are you willing to put your career, your education, your dreams on the line, just for a very basic, uncreative, and, to be frank, stupid Halloween costume?

I implore you, white people who think this is ok to think of yourselves (because God forbid any of you think about how these cultures feel), think of your futures, think of your dreams, and avoid the blackface. It will only come back to bite you in the ass later.