Saturday, October 22, 2016

Actually Affordable Online Vintage Shops

Treading the online vintage market can be tricky. As with any online shopping, there are the usual concerns of what the item actually looks like as opposed to the sometimes overstayed photos posted online, the actual feel of the item, etc. Add in questions and concerns about vintage, like age, wear and tear, condition, etc, it makes the daunting task of online vintage shopping a nightmare.

Not to mention, so many vintage shops are beyond pricy. I mean, we understand. Older items stick around to become vintage because they are well made. Not to mention the rarity in which you will find them, and you watch the products price tag rise.

However, as with all things, you simply just need to know where to go. It is possible to snag super chic vintage pieces online without breaking bank.

Remember vintage shopping is NOT thrift shopping (so you can't expect these prices). Thrift shops often do have vintage items usually mixed in a hodgepodge of other things and are often run by a charity or church. Vintage shops curate older pieces to find those in the best condition, often by known brands, and, if they are a good shop, look to compliment current trends.

Right now, the online shopping giant Etsy dominates the online vintage shopping market, but Ive found both Etsy and non Etsy sites that have high quality items, affordable prices, and high customer ratings just for you, my dears. I have rounded up  online vintage shops that are stylish, trendy, and yes, on the more affordable side. Check them out below!

Do you love vintage shopping? Know any good spots? Let me know! Drop a comment below.