Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Blanket Scarves Under $20

It still amazes me how well a great scarf can stave off even the most bitter cold and simultaneously be a style maker. The sheer versatility of this fall/winter staple keeps not only your neck warm but the right scarf can instantly make any outfit cool.

It also amazes me how much a great scarf can cost! Take the major card trend right now, the blanket scarf. The average blanket scarf out there right now will run you anywhere from $45 and up. When I tell you I paid maybe $12 total for BOTH of the blanket scarves I currently own right now (thanks Primark) then you will see why anything much higher doesn't sit right with me.

So, of course, after a little digging, I managed to find some great blanket scarves for a much more accessible price. I've rounded up 10 gorgeous blanket scarves from well known retailers for under $20. Stock up, your cold weather wardrobe with seriously thank you.

Blanket Scarves Under $20

Tartan plaid shawl

Old Navy gray shawl

Old Navy red blanket scarf

Gray bandana

Modena shawl scarve

Tartan shawl

Pastel scarve