Monday, October 17, 2016

How to not be too cold or too hot during Fall

Autumn, as a transitional season, can be a tricky one to dress comfortably for. The weather can change from spring and even summer like to frightening cold early, all within a week span.

The key to staying comfortable: LAYERS. Seriously, it sounds simple, and indeed it is, but its also brilliant. By dressing in light layers, you are able to keep your dapper while not freezing or sweating profusely. Here’s what all your fall outfits need and how to layer right:

T Shirt
The Tee is your base layer. Not just any shirt will do. Choose one that is breathable, clean (obviously), and stylish in the case you need to remove all top layers to maintain your comfort. From here the build.

Long Sleeve (Button Down)
From the tee, you will layer on a long sleeve shirt. Choose a shirt based upon the weather of the day. For example, opt for a thicker shirt if the weather is cool or raw out. For optimum dapper, choose a well pressed button down.


A (very) Light Knit
A nice light knit is great to keep you warm on these chilly autumn mornings yet breathable enough that if the afternoon gets warm, you can still be comfortable. 

Lightweight Jacket

A light bomber, denim jacket, a light trench or blazer, or is a great way to protect yourself from a chilly or rainy morning. 

What are your favorite ways to layer in the fall? Comment below!