Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Why Every Curvy Girl Needs Over The Knee Boots (and how to wear them well)

Photo from Pinterest.com
Autumn is in full swing. Leaves are falling, pumpkin spice fills the air and our mugs, leather jackets and sweaters are being taken out of their summer hibernation, and boots are the prime choice of fall footwear.

This year, the boot trend reigning is the leg engulfing thigh high and over the knee versions. Yet so many of us curvy girls are avoiding these pairs, fearing that the pairs either will be completely uncomfortable to wear, that the pairs won’t travel the ample curves of our blessed thighs, or worst of all, that the thigh high and over the knee boot trend is simply a trend curvy girls cannot wear.

I am here to tell you beautiful buxom broads that the three above statements are simply untrue! I have it upon good authority that these boots are not only comfortable, they are a must have for curvy ladies. There are plenty of pairs with enough fabric or give to lovingly hug our legs. And, most importantly, this is a trend that definitely should be embraced by us and looks amazing on us.

Don’t believe me? Let me prove it to you by showing you 12 buxom beauties rocking the sky high boot trend. These ladies not only show us that we can wear these boots, they show us what to wear them with to maximize our slay, courtesy of Pinterest. Check out my guide on styling these outfit makers and conquer your over the knee boot fears with a fierce look.