Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Statement Loafers Under $50

From WeHeartIt.com

People may think that autumn is the season of the boot, however there is another well loved pair of footwear vying for the title, and that is the loafer. Sleek, stylish, a perfect blend of masculine and feminine elements, the loafer is the perfect work shoe. It eliminates the typical bulkiness of a boot and the foot pain of a heel, all while being a perfect office shoe.

Most people go the inconspicuous route when choosing a loafer, going to a basic black or brown leather pair. While that is practical (and you know how much I love practicality) for style sake, it's a little, well, boring. This Tuesday Shoes Day, I say we spice things up a bit.

This week's shoe feature is the statement loafer under $50. Whether it's a bright color, a scene stealing pattern, or just a very shiny metallic or patent, these flat out gorgeous pairs will make even the most bland looks pop.

Happy ShoesDay!

Statement Loafers Under $50

New Look wide shoes
$31 - asos.com

New Look wide shoes
$37 - asos.com

ASOS slip on shoes
$41 - asos.com

Nine west shoes

Office slip on shoes

Topshop slip-on shoes
$15 - topshop.com

Truffle slip on shoes
$44 - asos.com

Qupid slip-on shoes

Bamboo slip-on shoes