Thursday, November 24, 2016

31 Reasons this Thanksgiving is Awesome

So, obvi, its thanksgiving here in the states. With all of the insanity this year, many people are struggling with finding this to be thankful for. But, if anything, this tumultuous year has taught me to be grateful for everything. For good things because they bless me, for bad things because they teach me, and that in turn, blesses me. The Bible says that "All things work together for the good of those who love God and are called for His purposes." (Romans 8:28), meaning everything that enters or exits my life is ultimately for my good. And I believe that wholeheartedly.

Its good to be grateful. In a time and culture that teaches us to covet and lust, and get all that we can, it is vital to look around and be thankful. And there is literally so much to be thankful for. One thing that did not make it to my list this year was laughter. For a holiday laugh, check out my piece on 15 people who are having a way worse thanksgiving than you. But thing like laughter, that seem so small have such a powerful impact on our day to day, and thus over all lives.

So, here is my gratitude list. 31 things I am thankful for (because this is my 31st thanksgiving, another thing to be thankful for!) These are really in no particular order, in fact, most of these are completely out of any order, and I like it this way. Enjoy:

Peace and quiet
Waking up
-That may not get you excited, but it means everything to me. It means we get another chance to do all that we were created and called to do.
Clean sheets and a cozy comforter
-I hate being cold and the recent weather lends itself to cold. However, there is nothing like coming home out of that cold into your own cozy space. Speaking of space...
My own place
A full night of sleep
Being saved
Because Jesus is dope and life with Him is so much better than life without Him.
President Obama and his family and crew
A hot shower
Second chances
A goofy cat that waits to spend time with me
Hot coffee
Watching James MacDonald and Joyce Meyer before work
Its great watching these two Bible teacher/preacher in the morning
Being productive (not just busy)
-Being a full time freelance writer is not as luxurious as it sounds, but God has really blessed me with multiple opportunities do what I only dreamed of this time last year. This has allowed me to produce pieces not only for my own blog, but for some local companies, a few news sites, and fun sites like The Things and BuzzFeed (I'm coming for you, Huffington Post)
My laptop
-It sounds a little trivial, but hear me out. This blog and all of my socials were built and maintained from an aging iPad 2 and my iPhones. So, in June of this year, I took a huge step when I randomly saw a laptop while out shopping with a dear friend. At the time, I had NO freelancing opportunities, no job, no income whatsoever when I purchased it. Some would call it foolish. I call it a step of faith, and I'm grateful that I took it because it has been paying me back ever since.
A (sort of) full fridge 
Poshmark and Ebay
Not really sure if this is for selling or shopping, but I sure am grateful for both!
Because yum!
Paid bills
A growing fro
-Yall, I can't even. I love my fro, and I'm super happy its grown like crazy this year.
Another year of life
Good books and the desire to read them

A bag full of stuff to donate
An awesome group of friends
- There is an old adage that says "you are who you keep company with." If thats true, then I must be a pretty awesome person because the group women who I am privileged to call friends are amazing women. Intelligent, generous, clever, a little ratchet, but very in love with God, these women call me to my higher self and I am so grateful to call them friend.
A great family
- I may be a little biased. But I think that I have an amazing family. I have been blessed with 9 phenomenal siblings, two of whom I had the opportunity to grow up with under a phenomenal and always generous and loving mother. I have a hilarious aunt and uncles and supportive cousins, a step dad who is the real mvp, a father who has taught me so much, and grandmothers who anchor me and teach me grace. I really am blessed.
A loving partner
- I met this guy at the end of one of the hardest parts of my life. He walked with me as a friend through trauma and uncertainty, an was nothing but stable and kind. He loved me back to my self, a self I lost in compromising to a smaller life. He reminded me of who I am and inspires me to be a better me. This guy is just the best (don't tell him though, it will get to his head.)
An awesome support system
Purpose and the desire to fulfill it
And of course, you!
-What would I do without amazing readers like you?! You guys keep me inspired, keep me energized, and keep me accountable. I am so grateful for this community of dynamic and engaged readers. Thanks for helping me create and maintain The Reclaimed community!

So what are you thankful for? Today is a great opportunity if, for nothing else, but to count your blessings and see how good and full your life really is.

Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving all!