Thursday, December 29, 2016

Your favorite posts of 2016

2016 was a year, indeed. A year full of disappointment and disillusionment, yes, but also a year of awakening and affirmation. And we sure did try to talk about all of it here, between the Readables and outfit posts, we talked about so much.

Recently, I asked a bunch of you what your favorite blog posts of 2016, and boy did you guys respond. From saying goodby to heroes such as Prince, David Bowie, and Muhammad Ali, to defending Ayesha Curry and Colin Kaepernick, from how to thrift a great sweater and books from high school we all should read again to self care and how thrift shopping made me a better person, we sure covered the gambit of social, political, ethnic, shopping, and beauty topics that we could.

And you all spoke back to me. Thank you for all of your comments, emails, and shares! I really do appreciate it.

So, without further ado, here are the top loved posts from the year that was 2016!

How to properly Thrift a Sweater
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Actually affordable vintage shops
For the love of thrifting
How thrift shopping made me a better person

Rest in peace David Bowie
Quotes from Prince
17 Quotes from Muhammad Ali

I hugged a woman outside of Starbucks for 20 minutes
How being a good woman beats out being a bad bitch
How this blog was born from divorce, homelessness, and a miscarriage
Let's talk about jealousy
17 High School books you should read again as an adult
17 Essential Black History Books for Men

Social Commentary:
The top 10 Womanists Under 20
Solange's new album and the balance of anger and softness
We really need to talk about that Zendaya rape meme
Why Jesse Williams speech is one for all Americans

What we can learn from Stephen A. Smith/ Ayesha Curry's war of words
The problem with Christian Mingle
How Inclusivity and Natural Hair aren't the same struggle
Kylie Jenner is turning into a Black Woman before our very eyes
The REAL problem with Colin Kaepernick's protest