Friday, December 2, 2016

How to pack one weekend in your Tote Bag

It started with a ridiculously priced flight that would be even more ridiculous if I bought a carry on. By now, you all know me well enough to know that I despise anything I perceive as a waste of cash. And this definitely qualified. Why should I have to pay more to bring a small bag?

I thought about the trip I was about to take; a weekend flight to Orlando. Unlike here in Philadelphia, Orlando's temperature was way more pleasant, negating the need for anything but a light cardi. I wouldn't need the boots there that, back at home, I couldn't do without. In fact, all I would need would be a few late spring like looks and a warm look to travel in. And that meant I didn't need a carry on.

Yay for savings. But what to pack my stuff in?


That's right. I managed to get three days worth of my essentials into a LongChamp tote. And you can too. Here's how I did it:

Start with a roomy tote
A nice roomy tote bag is more than perfect for your day to day, work to play routine. A tote is great for packing for a weekend away. I used my LongChamp tote as my "weekender". It's light yet tough. A perfect bag to carry three days worth of basics in style.

Know what you need
I'm pretty good about this. I usually make a list of everything I need. And I mean everything; from pjs and a cardigan for the plane to chargers, extra hair pins, headphones, gum, and even that lip color I want to try.

Plan exactly what you want to wear
Here is where I usually fail. I tend to bring a bunch of stuff, most of which I never end up wearing. This time, I laid out everything.    I planned every outfit. Each with the possibilities in mind. I managed to get three daytime and one evening outfit with interchangeable pieces (in case I changed my mind).

Accessorize wisely (and minimally)
Unlike underwear, you simply don't need new accessories for every outfit. To be honest, other than special occasions, I typically wear the same necklace, earrings, and bracelets every day. Since I am using my everyday tote and my carry on, I brought along one of my favorite black pouches to hold my small essentials and to double as a wristlet.

No new friends (or clothes)
Don't do this. Don't be that person that needs to bring a bunch of new stuff for a short trip that you probably won't even have the time to wear. This stuff takes up vital space and makes the whole task of packing lightly damn near impossible. So no, don't do that. Only bring along what you know you will wear and what will look good on you.

Roll your clothes (instead of folding)
Folding in a tote is just not a good idea. Can we say wrinkles? Rolling is the best way to go. Not only do you save so much space, but you won't have to worry about as many wrinkles.

Pack essentials at the top
There is nothing worse than fishing through your bag to find your wallet or chapstick. Using that handy pouch to hold my essentials (charging cable, wallet, etc), I put this into my tote last. That way, it's the first thing I could reach once I opened my tote.

Wear the big stuff, pack the light stuff
Since we were leaving from Philadelphia for Orlando, needless to say I wouldn't be needing major warm weather wear. So, it was easy to wear the big cardio and an easily removable pair of Sperry's and to pack my Prada ballet flats, leggings, and tees in the tote.

That's it. That's how I managed to get a weekend's worth of stuff into my everyday bag. What are your best packing tips? I want to hear them. Drop them in the comment box below!