Friday, January 27, 2017

My Hauls, Your Finds

You all know by now that I love two things: thrift shopping and saving my readers time, hassle, and of course money on their quests to find lovely things.

I love thrift shopping. I do it often. And I am pretty good at it. This blog is full of stories of the finds I have made, the places I have gone, and the awesome people I have met along the way. I have learned all about trends, styles, care tips and hacks.

Some of you have confided in me that you struggle, either with where to go, you don't like to rummage (I feel you there, it can be annoying) or don't have a thrift or consignment, but you still want access to nice things without having to pour out your wallet or, you know, literally starving for fashion.

Recently, I have tried my hand at reselling part time, and while there are annoying parts (follow my shop on @thereclaimedvintage to see the good and hear the stories) I have been having a blast sharing all of the chic, different, and otherwise awesome finds from the thrifts. I love it when people love the stuff I find and they are not inhibited by the price (they are usually pretty low). It makes my day to know that someone somewhere is wearing and loving something I found for them.

So stop by my Shop to see the high end designer and high quality vintage items I have for ya.