Monday, February 27, 2017

Best Dressed Guys of the Oscars

Oscar's Night is the Super Bowl of both Film and Cinema as well as fashion. It is no coincidence that couture shows and fashion weeks typically occur before the big awards night. Therefore, only the most dapper ensembles will do for the evening.

By now, you know how I feel about award shows, that I typically only watch the Red Carpet and arrival interviews (as painfully awkward as they may be at times) and then go to bed. Be proud of me, guys, I stayed up until about 10:45, just enough to cry at Viola Davis' acceptance speech but not long enough to see the unbelievable mixup of LALA Land and Moonlight for Best Picture (still have no idea how you even mix those up). So I had the chance to see most of the good, the bad and the hilarity that was Oscar's Night.

Being that it is Monday, this Oscar's post goes out to the so fresh and so clean (clean) guys of Oscar night. From the tux's of different shades to the velvet jackets, to all of the personal touches that made these looks unique to their wearers.

Here are my picks for the best dressed men of Oscar Night, 2017.

Ryan Gosling

Josh Dallas

John Legend

Pharell Williams

Dwayne Johnson

Mahershala Ali

Aldis Hodge
Who was you favorite best dressed man? Let's talk! Drop me a comment below!