Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Lessons from an introvert who went to NYFW

So a few weeks back, I received an invitation to the Yuna Yang Fall/Winter 2017 show during New York Fashion week.

After recovering from the initial shock, booking my travel to and from the show, and FINALLY finding a warm yet stylish (in that order) look to go to my very first NYFW show, anxiety set in.

After rummaging through blogs by NYFW pros on what to wear, where to go, and what else to know, I realized that I was no more prepared than I would have been if I just went ahead. So, after laying out my outfit the night before, charging my phone, I begrudgingly attempted to sleep, anxious at the twirling thoughts of the unknown that I would encounter tomorrow.

The next morning actually went off without a hitch. A super easy Amtrak ride from Philly to New York City and a (literal) 12 minute walk from Penn Station to the show venue left me with hours of free time. The unseasonably warm February day and an approaching birthday meant that some exploration (read shopping) was in order.

NYFW Lesson: Most of the fashion really only occurs at the shows and not so much in the street. I should say you shouldn't believe the hype that New York City is just covered with the fashionable people of the earth during their fashion week. It's not like the side walks are covered with bloggers and editors strolling to their own cat walk songs while photogs click away.

Actually, I was pleasantly surprised at how normal everything was; tourists and families filled the sidewalks, couples held hands as they traversed the melting banks of snow, friends joked around as they stepped in of or out of cabs. Just a normal day in the city.

NYFW Lesson: Wear practical shoes. My route took me from Penn Station to Bryant Park and all the way down to Flatiron and back, all on foot. Thank God for comfy chic boots. Some of my fellow bloggers took nasty spills all because their lucite boots couldn't grip to the slush covered ground.

When it was finally time for the show, I admittedly showed up 20 minutes early, you know, like a punctual dork. I was happy to not be the first and shortly thereafter, more and more attendees began to arrive.

NYFW Lesson: If there is a fashion show, there will be peacocking. Peacocking is when bloggers pose (usually for street style photogs) displaying their weird, unconventional, or standout looks. After standing in like for some time, exchanging business cards, my new little troupe of actually down to earth blogger acquaintances were immersed by then the peacocking. Finally, the doors opened and we were allowed to enter.

NYFW Lesson: Bring a copy of your invitation. Do not expect the PR team managing the show to have your name (or in the case of this show, even a list. Turns out, half of the invitees who RSVP'd didn't receive any confirmation. And guess who was in that group? Thankfully, I did indeed have a copy of my invitation and was allowed in and found a great seat rejoining my little crew.
Sarah Chiwaya from Curvily

NYFW Lesson: All of the shows start late. How late, depends on the designer. Our show was 45 minutes late. I was grateful to have had only one show to attend and plenty of time afterwards to process what I saw. A few of the bloggers I met were not only coming from shows but were on their way to shows. Meaning that if they were too late for the next show, they might not get into their next show. Yikes. Pressure.

After being seated, we chatted it up and checking out the gifts, the show finally started.

NYFW Lesson: Everyone will be taking pictures, no one will be taking notes. I tried to do both and was somewhat successful. Notes took my initial impressions while video and pics let me remember what I had seen (and share it of course).

My impressions of the show:

I found the Yuna Yang F/W 2017 show a very beautiful one that flowed with sumptuous fabrics in unconventional colors (like a powder blue faux fur bomber coat I instantly fell for). Huge bauble earrings were the sole adornment of the models, who's hair was slicked back and their makeup done very romantically.

As you can see, the Yuna Yang show was a gorgeous show. We were even treated to a surprise serenade by a local singer and guitarist, adding to the romantic nature of the show.

I left Yuna Yang, not only with great contacts and cool pictures, but with another great experience to add to my growing resume. While completely unprepared to have ever been invited to a New York Fashion Week show, I am grateful for the over all fun and very exciting opportunity.

Yuna Yang 
As for Yuna Yang, I really do hope to see more of her beautiful clothes on celebs and normal mavens alike.