Wednesday, March 8, 2017

5 Ways to make International Women's Day Everyday

Today is International Women's Day. And while many of us have made our way to marches or have donned our Red in solidarity of the gender equality movement, it got me to thinking: why have we devoted only one day to really thinking about Women's issues.

I mean, I am a woman everyday. I have concerns and issues unique to my gender everyday. So why is it that it feels like these things only get one serious day of conversation? No, I don't think that the answer is more days or expanding it to International Women's Week. No, but we can do better. We, as both men and women, need to think deeper about our power structures, about why things are the way they are, and how we can change them for a better NOW.

So, here are 5 simple but effective ways you can help your fellow woman (whether you be one or not):

1) Remember to keep feminism intersectional
If you remember from our convo on intersectionality in feminism a few weeks ago, you will remember that intersectional feminism "overlapping or intersecting social identities and related systems of oppressiondomination, or discrimination. Intersectionality is the idea that multiple identities intersect to create a whole that is different from the component identities. These identities that can intersect include genderracesocial classethnicitynationalitysexual orientationreligion, age, mental disabilityphysical disabilitymental illness, and physical illness as well as other forms of identity." Any fight for gender equality must recognize these realities, otherwise, it isn't feminism at all. If you can see the reason feminism is important for Emma Watson, but not for Malala Yousefzai or Amandla Stenberg, that is a problem. And any feminism that only benefits one group over others is just another form of oppression.

2) Support organizations that support women
From Planned Parenthood to the National Organization of Women, there are literally dozens of great organizations with a special emphasis in aiding women in girls in the various aspects of their lives. Here's a list of 10 great non-profits run for women by women.

3) Keep the dialogue going
This is where you guys can really help out the cause. Talking with each other, especially about the treatment of women, whether it is from your friends or up to women's healthcare rights, simply discussing the issues is a way to help educate one another and challenge falsehoods. The majority of the problems surrounding gender equality stem from ignorance, and ignorance can be combatted when we educate ourselves and each other.

4) Support the education of girls
Around the world, women and girls are strongly discouraged, even to the point of violence, to seek after education. Be a part of the change that helps girls get educated by supporting organizations that support girls. Here's one that is awesome.

5) Support women owned businesses
We all know the buying power of the woke citizenry that has been happening (if you don't believe it, look at any of the businesses affiliated with our current President) Supporting any businesses women's businesses is more than buying from a brand. Here are 31 businesses to get you started.

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International Women's Day EveryDay

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