Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Jeepers Creepers: Creeper Sneakers Under $50

Creeper shoes tool a while to grow on me. A gross between a perfectly good sneaker and an unsightly ugly rubber sole had me initially turned off. However, after some time (and a few cute outfits featuring these ugly-cute shoes, the creeper sneaker has officially become something I would wear.

However, unless find a pair of Fenty creepers in the thrift or consignment, the likelihood that I am going to buy this trend at full price is little to none. Yet, this edgy comfy trend is totally attainable for the sweet price of $50 or less. Here are my picks for the creeper shoe.
Jeepers Creepers: Creeper Sneakers Under $50

Wild Diva round toe sneaker

Flatform shoes

Aldo footwear
$19 - selfridges.com

Khaki shoes
$24 - prettylittlething.com

Creeper sneaker
$15 - prettylittlething.com