Friday, March 24, 2017

The Struggle with Sexy

Okay loves, here's where I get pretty transparent with you.

Even as I type this, I feel myself blushing, and I know I will blush even more so while thinking about all of you reading this. But I have never really felt sexy.

Not really.

I mean there were a few times when I was out, stuffed into some dress and teetering on high heels. I thought that was sexy (and a few guys thought so too).

But sexy has never been part of my persona. I have gotten cute (even adorable). I get funny very often. Pretty, yes. Even beautiful and sometimes gorgeous, yes.

But sultry, smoldering, or sexy? Very very rarely. (And usually not from a person from whom I would take it as a compliment.)

However, recently, I got called sexy (by someone who wasn't a typical jerk that was trying to get my attention.) and I didn't know how to handle it. I seriously do not know how to respond to that. Like what do you say. Maybe "thank you" and hope you're not blushing, but if you're me, you totally are.

I guess I never really believed that I was, or am, sexy. I'm not talking in a gross, pornographic way, but in a natural, classy, confident way.

And that has to change.

So, this being my 32nd year on the face of the earth, I figure its high time I learn about my own sexy. Not in a raunchy, classless, NSFW kind of way. No, I am not going to go on posting nudes of myself anywhere.

What I will be doing is tapping into a place within myself that I haven't before to discover that part of me. And I will be taking you on that journey.

The goal is not to turn into a brown, natural Kim K. The goal is to better know myself, to find confidence within areas of myself that I have had shut down, and to enjoy the discovery of that.

I am Reclaiming my sexy.

So, stay tuned (and feel free to comment and share my discoveries).

Meet me back here Wednesday for Edit Your Life where I will tackle some of our more ridiculous views on sexy.