Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Tuesday ShoesDay: Non Basic Rain Boots Under $50

It's a typical stormy rainy day here in Philly. Thunderstorms and sudden down pours have us in the city of Brotherly love dodging rain and cringing at sporadic thunder claps. Needless to say that today is a great day to stay indoors. But if you must venture out, you know, to go to work or being responsible or some nonsense like that, then you better have the right rain ready footwear.

Typically, I find regular rain boots to be a little boring. So I rounded up six pairs of April shower ready boots for $50 and under. Stay dry loves.

Trend Alert! Non Basic Rain Boots Under $50

Igor black rain boots

ASOS black rain boots
$30 - asos.com

Wellies boots

Buckle boots