Friday, April 7, 2017

Curls Courtesy Of

The Sephora of Black hair products. That is what this box is being called. And I have to agree.

By now, I am no stranger to subscription boxes, and I believe that if you had seen (or subscribed) to one, you have seen them all.

When I met Jannet Matthew mid November of last year, she excitedly shared with me her idea: an elite hair product subscription box featuring  products for Black hair created by Black own boutique companies. Her passion for empowering our community while emphasizing the embracing of our natural beauty.

To say that I was excited was an understatement. And now, as I hold her box, aptly named Curls Courtesy Of in my hands, I am shaking with excitement. Its always exciting to see your friends have an idea, and that excitement only amplifies when you watch that idea come to fruition. Jannet has created a curated company exposing independent beauty brands to the masses, yes? But she has also created a community of women who are committed to loving their own looks and encouraging others to do the same. How can you not love that?

So, what's the Curls Courtesy Of box like? It is a sampling of high end, indie hair care products. Thee are not products you will find in Target or Walmart. These are boutique, hand crafted, beauty products made by independent brands.

Here is what I received in this quarter's box. I cannot wait to play around with all of these lovely products and items. Until then, I (strongly) encourage you to join the #IndieCurlGang. Whether you wear your hair straight, coil, natural or processed, this box encourages you to love yourself.

And I love this box for it.