Saturday, April 1, 2017

Lush Love

This is not a sponsored post. 

This is a post straight from the heart. 

Confession: I think I have fallen for LUSH, a beauty brand that has become eponymous with handmade soap bars and adorable bath bombs. I received my first bath treats from Lush almost 10 years ago at this point, back when their packaging were long, yellow, refillable recyclable paper bags. They have since upgraded to a chic black bag (still however  keeping their recyclability.)

It was a very rainy Friday night here in Philly. The kind where wherever you go to hold up from the storm, you will be there for the evening. Deciding that, after a crazy busy week, I was going to spoil myself with a hot bath and something pretty to make it special. 
I walked into the Walnut Street Lush shop, immediately greeted by floral and sweet smells and a bevy of helpful shop attendants. It only took 15 minutes (at the max) but, with the expert opinion of my shop clerk, I managed to snag 3 very different and very beautiful bath bombs to try. 

Even though Lush does carry pricier items, all of their products are handmade, and made fresh with no cruelty to animals or use of questionable ingredients. That in itself warrants a few extra bucks for something extra special in my opinion.
After rushing home as fast as I could, while filling up the tub I selected which bath bomb I would use, a lavender and rosemary infusion called A French Kiss. I was advised to cut this bath bomb in half before using. Glad I did, because just that half portion was plenty of a perfect bath.

Dropping only a portion of the bomb into the water instantly created a release of purple fizz and bubbles, turning the bath to a pretty purple paradise. 
I was not disappointed. My French kiss bomb did exactly what it said it would, which was soften the skin. As I told one of my gal pals later on, "It made my skin feel like butta! Like hot butta!" In all seriousness, my skin feels super smooth and soft after that bath. 

And now I think I have developed an addiction to Lush. I have high expectations about my next bath bomb adventures. And I cannot wait to try some of their other pretty and sustainable fresh made products.