Thursday, April 20, 2017

Real Deal: Lace Up Leggings

To say that Rihanna and PUMA's new Fenty releases will be the items of the Spring and Summer are kind of an understatement. And I am not just talking footwear. The lace up stretch legging is one piece that is highly sought after and oddly inexpensive.

But if spending $140 on a pair of leggings isn't your cup of matcha, then check out the five pairs I have chosen, all well under Fenty's asking price and equally as stylish.

You're welcome, happy Thursday loves!

Real Deal: Lace Up Leggings

Puma brown pants
$140 -

Puma green pants

Forever 21 zipper pants

ASOS high waisted pants
$19 -

Tic Toc slim pants

High waisted legging

Forever 21 cotton pants