Thursday, April 13, 2017

TBT: Proof that we love the 90's
Anyone who has read this little blog for some time already knows I love the 90's. From the girl groups to chokers to pins and other style staples courtesy of the decade that brought us Lisa Frank, the Spice Girls, and pretty much all the stuff we love now, the 90's were awesome.

So, for this week's Throwback, here are literally just a bunch of stuff we wear now that proves that we have reached peak 90's love (all well under $50).
TBT: Proof that we love the 90's

Honey Punch cami dress

Red dress

Floral top

Scalloped top

Hanky Panky bralette bra
$34 -

Velvet bag
$43 -

Pin jewelry

Red jewelry

Monki sunglasses
$14 -