Thursday, May 25, 2017

TBT: My Very First Blog Post and The Archives Section

Almost four years ago, I was encouraged by a dear friend, to start writing a blog. At this point, I was having a blast on my Tumblr, but had had 2 failed attempts at blogging. But, after some thought and prayer, I decided to go for it. And almost four years later, here we are!

And what began as a hobby to share at that time was my favorite hobby, thrift shopping, grew into a way I now work for myself. This blog has been more than just a fun place to share affordable beauty or thrifting stories, it has been my therapy in certain ways. It has been my accountability in other ways. I have shared deep and intimate stories here, I have shared my grief, my joy, my fears, and my growth here. I have found safety and sanctuary here.

And from some of the emails, DM's, and comments I have received from some of you, it has become some of that for you too.

Earl suggested that I install an archive section, and I am so grateful that I did. That's how I came upon  my very 1st Reclaimed post from all of those years ago. I can see the totality of this little site and my not so little growth, from blogging from an app on my iPhone, to creating a site on my iPad, to now working for myself from my own home office. And all the while, through dark photography, misspellings, how many iterations of layouts, and over 2000 posts, you have been right along for the ride.

Thank you for being with me on my journey. Here's to many more good reads and much more growth together.

The Archives are located on the Web Version and will be on the bottom right side of the column. Feel free to explore. Enjoy.