Monday, July 31, 2017

My Picks from ASOS Plus Men

If you think shopping as a plus size woman is difficult, you should see how hard it is for guys to find the goods. You run into the typical problems: either you find pieces that work but they are out of our price range or you find affordable pieces but there simply aren't enough (or any left of) big guy pieces.

As a woman who is currently dating a burly (and quite surly) man who enjoys looking dapper, I get to witness the frustration whenever we go shopping, so I feel y'all dudes.

So, this past February when ASOS dropped their like for kingsize dudes, we all had a reason to rejoice. And the British shopping site is showing no sign of slowing down, with trendy and classic pieces all tailored to fit bigger guys without breaking bank.

And its pretty good stuff in my opinion! I mean, come on y'all, do you see this out fit over there?! Let me tell you something; let Earl show up on a date looking like this and I absolutely might fall apart (in the best way possible).

So here are my picks from ASOS' highly acclaimed plus men's line.

My Picks from ASOS Plus Men

ASOS mens slim fit jeans
$39 -

ASOS mens tall jacket
$79 -

ASOS tall mens clothing
$140 -

ASOS tall mens clothing
$98 -

ASOS mens tall shirt
$21 -

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Also, stay locked to the blog because next week, I am dropping all the coolest places to get affordable plus size guys fashion without breaking bank.