Wednesday, July 19, 2017

This Was Made By A Black Woman: CeeCee's Closet NYC

This installment of TWMBABW, we will be hearing from the dynamic duo of CeeCee's Closet NYC.

I found them, like I find most of the great and inspiring women, on social media. Once scroll through their Instagram feed and I fell in love with their vibrant and happy spirit that, in turn, emits through their pieces.

"Our names are Uchenna and Chioma Ngwudo we're the co-founders of Cee Cee's Closet NYC. Our brand creates stylish African-inspired accessories that seamless fit into any fashionable person's wardrobe." Including but not limited to accessories, jewelry, headwraps, bags, and yes, even adorable tees.

When asked about how they got started, the ladies admit their beginnings into entrepreneurship was somewhat accidental. "We first started our company after Chioma came back from our paternal grandfather's funeral. She purchased two clutches as gifts for herself and Uchenna. During her graduation party, her clutch became the envy of many of the attendees. After realizing there was a strong demand for the bags, we started Cee Cee's Closet NYC and imported more clutches."

Uchenna and Chioma have given a great deal of thought to not only the products they sell, but even the products they design. Each product is carefully considered for not only aesthetics but also how they address a need. "This is especially true when you think about our silk-lined head wraps. We're both natural and wanted to remove the step of having to wear a bonnet or silk scarf underneath our head wraps. Therefore, we created a product that addressed that particular need."

Also well thought out is where they source their products. Importing their clutches from Nigeria has helped to not only provide the brand with authentically designed and crafted African pieces. It has also benefitted the local artisans there as well. "We viewed Cee Cee's Closet NYC as an opportunity to have a positive economic impact on Nigeria. That's why all of our products are made by artisans there."

As the brand expanded, the two thought to incorporate more beautiful goods. "Eventually, our brand grew to incorporate more products such as headwraps, backpacks, and leather goods."

Looking forward, these sisters are showing no sign of slowing down, saying "We look forward to launching our clothing line in the future."

While both ladies emphatically love all of their products, when asked about which were their absolute favorites, "I would have to say that Uchenna loves Ozioma Headwrap and Chioma loves the Bashirah Mini-Backpack. Chioma loves how vibrant the bag looks and its functionality. Uchenna is in a mood right now where she loves all things turquoise."

When asked about being a Black-Woman Owned business, "Being a black-women-owned business means having an opportunity to create highly functional products that tap into our cultural heritage and specific needs."

Check out more about Uchenna and Chioma and their beautiful brand, CeeCee's Closet NYC as well as connect with them here.