Wednesday, August 2, 2017

TWMBABW: Lit Brooklyn

This installment of This Was Made By A Black Woman has a bit of an interesting back story...

I was scrolling through a listicle (a list article) on either on Huff Post or BuzzFeed (honestly I cannot remember which) when I came across an amazing candle company. That candle company? It's called LIT Brooklyn. Off of the timely and relevant name alone, I was compelled to find out more about this brand and its maker. Both inspired me.

A beautiful soul who makes beautiful candles (both of which I have become a BIG fan) that makes whatever space you're in feel that much more luxurious deserves our attention. It is fair to say that the brand and it's maker are both LIT.

"My name is Denequa Williams, and I own a luxury hand poured candle company in Brooklyn."

"I am born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. I graduated from the University at Albany with a bachelors in Africana Studies, and minor in English. My favorite rapper is JayZ. I’m a Pisces, hence why I am naturally a dreamer at heart. Being an entrepreneur was always something that I saw myself doing. I come from a family of go-getters and hard workers."

"I started LIT Brooklyn, because I’ve always loved candles, like since I was a little girl. I love the magic something so tiny can create by being lit. It transforms ambience, the scent of a candle can take you back to a moment, it’s a beautiful way to create memories as well as be apart of them."

"My favorite scent from my candle company would have to be “IRIE”, a limited edition scent that I created. It was inspired by my birthday trip to Jamaica in February, I wanted to capture the scenery in the scent of a candle. It sold out so quickly that I might make it apart of the collection permanently, based off of the reaction it received."

"Black owned/ woman owned says a lot to me. If I could think of a few words that come to mind, it’s bravery, resilience, independence. It’s inspiring to see so many take chances. I’m a firm believer that with no risk, there is no reward. We also get to see the flow of money coming right back into our communities. The generation after us has so much excellence to look up to, and so much to aspire to be."

You can connect with Lit Brooklyn on Instagram.