Wednesday, September 6, 2017

TWMBABW: Red Pill Blue Pill Collective

I had the privilege to meet April-Danielle Grant and Elizabeth Parris at an event sponsored by The Root. I noticed Elizabeth wearing a cool tee with Donald Duck on it and emblazoned with the words "The Only Donald We Acknowledge". I had to know where she got it. To which April replied "We designed it." That is when I became acquainted with Red Pill Blue Pill Collective. I just knew had something special. Their combination of Wokeness and Ratchetness all encased in Black Culture is refreshing and hilarious. But it's the women behind the brand, their innovation, creativity, and ingenuity that makes Red Pill Blue Pill Collective something unique from any other tee brand.

So here is are the creators of this brand in their own words, Red Pill Blue Pill Collective.

"The Red Pill Blue Pill Collective is an online retail store which sells various print items focused on the current climate in politics, music and life. We specialize in unique t-shirt designs and other printed goods that speak to the duality of being conscious of political and social issues while enjoying the ever-changing face of pop culture."

"We are 2 women who are on diverse career paths. April currently works for the state of New Jersey as an Inspector and Elizabeth is a student working on degree number three.
While Elizabeth did April's hair think tank sessions occurred regularly. We always talked about our ideas and what we wanted to do. Why not us? Why not now? So we took a leap of faith. We have always had the motivation to have ownership over our lives."

"The Red Pill Blue Pill Collective is a play off "The Matrix:" the Red Pill is for the "Woke" and the Blue Pill is for the "Ratchet". Our motivation came from the duality of Black existence and culture. Black people, are highly motivated, educated and cultured individuals who love bottomless mimosas with brunch. We also love twerking for the 99 and the 2000s. We wanted to show the levels of duality in blackness, creating designs that are relatable to the PhD Student who also knows every DMX song by heart. We didn't see this in other brands and wanted to create it."

"Our Favorite Product is the "Ride and Thrive Chick" shirt. It is a great play off of the very popular phrase "Ride or Die". However, we don't want to die....we want to grow, mature and level up. If we as women are about to go through hell with you, we better be on top when we get finished. It's what our Red Pill is all about: the woke, the growth, the conscientious."

"Black owned/woman owned means collective economics. When you support the black woman you are supporting a black home, a black dream, black children and black communities. It's the laying of a foundation for which later generations can grow and thrive."

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