Wednesday, December 6, 2017

TWMBABW: D'ani Moore and Karu Essentials

I have never actually met today's feature, but I have heard so many good things about her  that it feels like I know her. D'ani Moore juggles being a new entrepreneur, marriage, ministry, and life while creating lovely products that heal, enhance, and holistically benefit hair and skin. D'ani is proof of her own product's success, often sharing her own before and after photos revealing the incredible growth of her own hair. 

In an industry that forces women, particularly Women of Color, to choose between spending huge amounts of money or choose products full of synthetic ingredients and harmful chemicals, D'ani stands out as one who actually does care for those who purchase her products, and this is evident through her choice of natural ingredients and an accessible price point. 

Today's This Was Made By A Black Woman feature: D'ani Moore of Ka'Ru Essentials.

"My name is D'ani Moore and my brand is Ka'Ru Essentials! It's an all natural hair and skin care line with a focus on healing, restoration, and repair."

D'ani's journey into entrepreneurship was anything but planned. "I actually became an entrepreneur accidentally lol I initially started making products for myself since so I could know EXACTLY what I was putting in my hair and on my skin. The results of my products got the attention of those I encountered and requests started pouring in!"

"Entrepreneurship is actually pretty foreign to me," D'ani admits, "so it took the encouragement of friends and my now husband to help me see that Ka'Ru Essentials will be successful business. My husband is an entrepreneurial master (lol) so his support and knowledge really made all the difference in getting this off the ground."
When asked why D'ani chose beauty, particularly natural skincare, she says "I chose this business b/c I have an innate desire to help others heal. I was blessed with a passion for hair and skin health, which has allowed me to help many restore and repair issues they encountered in these areas! I just want people to be whole and Ka'Ru Essentials is one of the avenues I've been able to consistently utilize."
Ka'Ru Essentials currently sells one product in two different sizes, "Our first released product, the Blue Bottle Elixir! It's an all natural oil blend that promotes hair growth, relieves itchiness, helps with scalp health, moisturizes skin and so much more! I love it because it's the product that sparked this brand and helped bring it to fruition."
When asked what it means to be a Black Woman entrepreneur, D'ani says "To me, Black owned/woman owned speaks to empowerment and representation. It proves, yet again, that we have a place in any and every arena and can thrive even with the many hardships thrown our way! We are unstoppable and don't necessarily need conventional employment for long lasting success!"

Follow Ka'Ru Essentials here and shop this beautiful healing brand here.

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