Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Australia Is On Fire. Here Are 5 Ways You Can Help...

Australia is currently experiencing the worst bushfires known to man.

While no strangers to bushfires, the current bushfires have claimed over 15.6 million acres, 24 human lives, and nearly 480 million wildlife animals. And, despite a short reprieve of rain as reported by NASA's satellites, the fires are not expected to weaken anytime soon. Prolonged drought and climate change are being blamed for the brushfires that are showing no signs of stopping.

The devastation is heartbreaking.
- A third of the home to many unique and endangered species, Kangaroo Island, has burned, and many are unsure about what is left of the island’s biodiversity.
- Visitors to the town of Mallacoota had to be rescued by the Australian Navy after warned to "walk into the ocean" if the intense heat and flames got too close.
- New Zealand’s glaciers have been coated with ash and the enigmatic orange skies from the fires have been seen as far as Chile.

And these are just the beginning of the countries problems.

Celebrities such as Chris Hemsworth and Rihanna have shared on their own social media about the sheer devastation across the continent.
 Despite the devastation, there are ways that we can help. Here are a few ways to help the continent.

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