Saturday, May 28, 2016

2 Good Reasons to STOP Waiting on those Expensive Lip Kits

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Unless you've been living under a cosmetic free rock, chances are that you've heard of the Kylie Jenner lip kits. These kits feature a lip gloss and lip pencil with colors selected by the young...whatever she does. (Side note: I think it's hilarious that the same person who was responsible in leading dozens of overzealous fans to destroy their own lips to obtain lips like her perfectly surgically created ones is now profiting on Lip Stick. That's neither here more there.) 

The problem with these kits, other than the dozens of complaints that the products do not live up to their $29 price tag, is that they are only released every so often, created in a number of quantities, and usually announced on her app, which costs an additional $3. 

Seems like too much trouble for a daggone lip stick. Fortunately, I'm not the only person who thought that way. A simple Google search will reveal the hundreds of dupes (or similar products) as the lip kits that cost way less, are easy to find and get, and are better quality. 

NYX Lippies: 
If you've have been following me on social media (hey y'all!) you would know my love for NYX products. I receive boxes of make up every month, both high end and affordable brands, yet I always come back to NYX. They have created my favorite lines of matte lipsticks in both their soft matte lip creams and in their latest addition, the liquid lingerie. 

Colour Pop: 
My best friend actually put me on to Colour Pop. These bomb lippies are very high quality given their very accessible price of $6 a piece. 

Oddly enough, every time a new Lip Kit comes out, another post also surfaces on the perfect dupe for it, and it usually features one of these two brands.

With these accessible colors and the right prices for literally every budget, the only reason to wait for those lip kits is merely for the trend value.

Scroll below to check out my top picks from Colour Pop And NYX Cosmetics.

Colour Pop and NYX Matte Picks

Mess Around

Nyx lipstick

Nyx lipstick

Nyx lipstick


Naked Ladies

Office accessory

Office accessory