Thursday, June 22, 2017

Thrifty Thursday: Vintage-ish Concert Tees for Cheap

By now, you all know my love of all things affordable and quality.

You also know my love of the affordable shopping destination, Primark. Ever since that first fashion show and visit, I have been hooked! It's where I get most of my affordable items as well as my trendier pieces.

After reading an article some time last week about how celebrities and fashionistas alike, I got to head scratching. I mean, come on, who really spends $200+ dollars on a concert tee from 1979? Apparently a lot of people. And that break

Me? I would rather discover a long lost band treasure on a thrift jaunt than pay that much for one, but that's just me.

Enter Primark's Band Tees. The badassery is so real, ladies. I snagged two myself, one grommeted Ramones tee and one damn near ripped to shreds ACDC tee.

The best part? I didn't spend over $20 for the both of them. Meaning if your local thrift or salvation army doesn't have any of these goodies, you can always hit the mall and find one (or in my case 2) for cheap.